“Saving Time For People That Matter”

I think most people see me as a very busy person, with lots of deadlines, slightly aloof, and a little bit of an outsider.

That’s because they didn’t qualify.

Because those that know me truly… and the people that I work with, will know that I’m probably one of the most ‘on-the-ball’ person that there is out there.

I can’t help it.

I just prefer going deep with a few good people, rather than spreading my attention out…

Scratching the surface with everyone else that I meet.

And when I structure my relationships this way, I feel that those that I do serve,

appreciate me more and treat me better as well.

It’s very clear who’s on my side, and who’s not on my side.

This gives me the clarity of mind to think about the future and worry about the more important things.




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