Putting Chaos to good use.

Chaos has one of the strongest driving forces in my life.

I was first introduced to this concept by Sam Ovens in his recommended readings for entrepreneurs.

He recommended 3 books.

1. the outsiders

2. Deep Simplicity

3. The signal and the noise.

I was only 17 when I first heard about these 3 books, and I’ve been absolutely facscinated with them.

And after reading these 3 books, what I’ve realised is that there’s only a few things that matter.

It’s all about the initial conditions. Slight changes in initial conditions… change the outcome massively.

When people look at mathematical fractals, you see a complex infinite looking recursive image… that’s almost never-ending.

But you see, they begin with just a simple equation.

This is how I run my life.

To figure out the simple equation that spirals out into complex structures… and this almost allows me to breathe life into existence.

Just by understanding the simple initial conditions.



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