Precise, Aggressive, Marketing Strategies

I have a thesis that when you listen to your market and you’re precise with your marketing… you’ll be able to get results without ruffling feathers, even if your copy is aggressive.

That’s because your writing is so precise, so clear — and speaks only to those that are relevant…

That you can skip the whole ‘troll’ phase…

The whole ‘getting hate’ phase…

You can skip the whole ‘hype’ and controversy phase…

And get straight to sales and action, without much dilly dally and time wasting.

This thesis has come out of my desire to do my best work — to be paid handsomely for it, and to not be bothered by naysayers.

Basically creating a world and environment that enables focus and discipline.

I wish that I knew this earlier, so that I’d have enough conviction to write to the singular person that was going to buy from me, so that I could ignore the rest.

When you focus on just getting an effective response — when you’re able to see that you’re only having the right kinds of conversations, with the right kinds of people…

There’s not much noise or things to distract you.

You don’t get many ‘likes’.

You’re not popular.

For the most part, you’re under the radar too.

But, you get to execute your visions and plans at lightning speed with zero distractions.

I think that’s why my posts are written the way that they are.

At times, I’ve aimed to get zero likes with my posts, and I’ve

found it particularly effective in speaking to my crowd of people.

I don’t need to have comments.

I just want to have conversations with the right people, at the right times, when they’re ready.

All I’m doing is facilitating those backroom conversations so that I can effectively do my work, and get paid handsomely for it too.





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