My biggest regret in internet marketing was that I didn’t start earlier.

I had the desire to go all in when I was 17. When I first bought my six-figure SMMA course, when I first started doing outreach, when I first started doing cold calling.

Is that knowing that I could’ve gambled then, and went ‘all-in’ — is much more painful than being trolled online, getting bad rep, or being seen as someone who’s a fraud.

I remember the time when my form teacher, who I’m sure had good intentions, said 99% of business would fail.

My spiteful self would say “haha look where I’m at now, suck it”.

But that’s just taking responsibility away from a decision that I could’ve made years ago.

To be honest, looking back, I would’ve traded in that experience — if it meant that I was going at the speed that I am now.

My close circles of friends know what I’ve done to make more time for internet marketing, but I’m not planning on making it public yet.

But large sacrifices have been made, and I’m no longer turning back.

It’s a fresh start — a new leaf, a new evolution.

I can’t change the past, but I can change what the future holds for me.

Besides, I’m much happier nowadays, and much less ‘angsty’ as well haha.

So that’s a plus.

And speaking of the beginner’s mindset, something that I do before writing any ‘promotion’ or starting any ‘marketing’ campaign… is to start from ‘ground zero’.

To allocate time to take a fresh look at what the industry is doing, to take a fresh look to see and predict where the market is headed…

And how it’s going to evolve over time.

This way– I’m able to use my experience as a copywriter, as an asset, rather than a liability — using it to ‘plug in’ to my decision-making for marketing…

Rather than IT being the only source of information that I use like bringing a crutch to a gunfight.

The market is always moving, I’ve just got to drink from the source — and to make informed decisions from there.

This was what I did too, when I was writing my first proper health promotion.

I was scared shitless, but my ambition kept me going, and I did everything that would help me get a fresh look at the market.

Maybe it was beginner’s luck that made it work — but I’d say it’s the beginners mindset that served me well.

I’ll talk more about the beginner’s mindset another time. Busy writing another promo and doing stuff other than shit posting online.

Amen to that haha.





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