Discovering Desire In People

There’s a certain joy in discovering true desire. And knowing what people really want.

It’s that child-like excitement that you have when you discover something new.

It’s like being an inventor… where you’re trying to find and dig for the truth.

Inside you know what it looks like, you have a direction… a general inkling and whisper of its direction.

And a breakthrough discovery like this takes effort.

It takes iteration. It takes constant experimentation, testing and work.

And most of all never letting your desire die.

With this hunger and yearning to be the first to understand and breakthrough into something new…

You’ll be able to understand the human mind on such a deep and intimate level.

You’ll feel their pains, you’ll hear their cries… and everything that they experience, you know too.

It’s as if you become one with the person that you’re trying to understand.

And with this understanding… comes the power to influence.

Dig deep and discover what people really want.

It’s going to be worth it.


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